New Paintings!

View Michael's most recent paintings here! These are more mixed media pieces on wood panels, poured in resin. Michael delivered this series to Lafontsee Galleries this afternoon!

Previous paintings can be found via a link on the main paintings page.

New Partnership with Holly Hunt Design

Earlier this year, Michael connected with Holly Hunt Design to pursue the opportunity to sell his work in their showrooms.  In August, Michael drove to their Chicago office to show the art team his work and strike up a deal.   

A carload of canvases - and can you see the excitement under that mustache?

A carload of canvases - and can you see the excitement under that mustache?

Michael's work is now featured on Holly Hunt's website  and available for viewing in many of their showrooms. Holly Hunt just sold their first piece of Michael's, shown below, making this an exciting new opportunity for getting his art out into the world!

Diamond 6 (48"x60", oil on canvas)

Click here to visit Holly Hunt's website, and click here to find a showroom near you.

New Head Gallery

Check out the new Head Gallery for more updated box head paintings.  

Here is some information on the head paintings, from LaFontsee Gallery's website

 "Schaeffer is widely known for his renowned 'Head' paintings. These precocious pieces depict a variety of characters wearing striking and engaging expressions. The emotional content of these mixed-media personalities is as complex a range as anything that can be found in the human condition. In Michael's own words, 'these paintings reflect what we are, as they are penetrating images of the human psyche which suggest our own states of mind as manifested in our appearances.'"


This week's studio time has been focused on starting to re-work old pieces. Though in some ways it can feel like "starting from scratch," there is a different kind of challenge involved in assessing what may not have worked in the past and what will give each piece new life and a new aesthetic.